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Deca base cycle, No testosterone, No sides.

Deca base cycle. What is it and why does it matter. Many have seen my video with Enhanced athlete and were curious about more information on this topic. Well, here it is.

So why is a deca base cycle better than testosterone base? Well, for one it brings an alternative to a hormone replacement base in a steroid cycle. As it has been used for androgen deficiency studies in males. And has been used as such solo without testosterone in HIV aids males for this very purpose. Why is deca used over test? Well because simply it provided better benefits, muscle growth, fewer side effects and reports of better quality of life.

Majority of guys fear anabolics due to the side effects such as hair loss, gynecomastia, water retention, acne, acne scars and even the emotional sides. So they search for safer alternatives a lot of the times which usually doesn’t end up bringing the results either.

Deca, simply put from real-world results such as from bodybuilders from the 60s to late 80s, Mike menzter, Robby Robinson, Danny padilla and countless more many great names, As well from studies shows us how little the sides from it truly are in regards to the aforementioned sides above. Hair loss, Gynecomastia, Acne you just did not see it back then.

Hair loss? Science wise near impossible unless very high doses. Real-world results wise? I have only had guys regrow hair on deca and some that have run upwards 3+ gram range due to their choice.

Gynecomastia? Science-wise gynecomastia is due to an off androgen to estrogen ratio. And deca science wise simply put is always in a very favorable ratio. Real-world results wise? I’ve never seen it happened even with guys that were prone to gyno off less than 100mg of testosterone yet could use again multiple grams of deca with ZERO estrogenic symptoms. The only times I have seen this happened was with guys using shady sources where I got them to test their product and lab work to reveal they had testosterone not deca in their product. Which surprisingly happens semi-often.

Acne? Real-world results and science wise we just do not see it happen. Nothing more to be said here.

Water retention? A study showed there was no fluid increase on this drug and bodybuilders in the 60s to late 80s used this drug as a contest prep drug as well, and so have my followers and clients. It is a very lean drug and many would compare it to a weaker tren. Dr. Robert Kerr who treated many bodybuilders in 70s 80s also reports this to be a dry drug with no water retention and is a great contest prep drug.

Deca shuts your testosterone down? Of course it does, all steroids do. What matters is we replace this drug with an androgen that can support our male functions. Dianabol, Deca (nandrolone), Equipoise all fit that bill. The big reason being here is they are all androgens that also convert to estrogen. Which is needed for androgens to even work on the androgen receptor period. This is why DHT drugs will not work as a base. Studies show without estrogen DHT drugs solo can make animals very timid and loss of sex drive, gain body fat and insulin resistance and even digestion goes down the drain due to estrogen being needed for pancreatic function on enzymes for digestion.

Prolactin? Well, zero studies have ever shown deca to ever raise prolactin, not a single one ever. And the only study showing us this shows it lowered prolactin compared to testosterone raising it. So deca lowers prolactin.

Libido loss? Never been heard of by any old pro bodybuilder when this was a staple as a base without testosterone, nor has a single report ever been recorded by the world health organization either unlike testosterone. The issue here is when testosterone use became popular and added to the mix. Deca simply put will make the side effect galore drug testosterone even worse. Helping aromatization of testosterone to estrogen and receptor sensitivity. Making testosterone an even worse drug leading to more sides such as libido loss. Again not a single study on deca used solo has ever reported it causing any sort of libido loss. And it has been used many times solo.

Conclusion. Why use testosterone, why when so many get sides off even 100mg of testosterone. Gynecomastia, bloating, acne, hair loss, for what? It isn’t needed to replace male function, seminal vessel health, prostate health, etc. Deca can do this and better at it for what we are doing here. We are not using anabolics for just a replacement effect. And if you are, then this topic isn’t for you and no need to consider anything but your TRT. When a bodybuilder or someone looking for an anabolic effect we are looking at using something that is above normal ranges for a purpose. And that purpose mainly is anabolism. Go and run 500mg of testosterone and your estrogen goes x5 the normal range. DHT prolactin all also goes up. Leading to all of our lovely sides that we now need to run Anti Aromatize drugs at high doses, which worsen heart, bone health and cause hair loss by themselves. Yet when we go and run 500mg of an anabolic drug like deca, we now have the effect we want, a high dose of anabolism. Yet our secondary hormone profiles are at a normal dose range similar to that using a TRT dose base of testosterone.

Can one run a test base say 100mg with an anabolic like deca as your main drug, such as 100mg testosterone with 500mg plus of deca? Sure. But I am sure many of you have read online and have experienced for yourself, countless users get side effects off even just 100mg of testosterone. Then this might not be the option for you when deca can replace all of your needs without the side effects.

simply put there is no need for testosterone or testosterone at high doses.


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2 Replies to “Deca base cycle, No testosterone, No sides.”

  1. Deca Only says: May 5, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Definetively Deca Only Works wonders! I did It! I did It First for 12weeks at 1g/weekly but my DHT lowered so much that It started crashing my car at parking garage and also feelling persecution. So my next try was 500mg Deca/week 200mg/week trenAce and Just 50mg/week Test-Cyp and everyrhing is great.

  2. Jinkx says: December 9, 2020 at 6:25 am

    What about Deca and being Cytotoxic at any dose?
    Really want to try just doing my homework. Thank you!

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