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Hi, my name is Taeian, and welcome to my website. I specialize in nutrition and bodybuilding, and love showing people why eating healthy is so important. Not only is correct nutrition one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding, it is crucial in general health and everyday wellbeing. I not only focus on nutrition for bodybuilding, and general health, I also deal with various health ailments and illnesses.

For many years now, I have helped many bodybuilders some very high ranked and internationally ranked powerlifters, achieve peak performance with diet, supplementation, and training. I have vast knowledge on the biochemistry of hormones, and how to use them safely, avoiding side effects, while getting optimal results. My results speak for themselves.
Not only have I helped athletes, I have also helped control several complicated diseases through the right nutrition and diet. Conditions ranging from digestive related Crohn’s disease, thyroid related Hashimotos, high blood pressure, joint health, can be treatable with the right scientifically backed methods.

I firmly believe that many common health ailments of today are due to the lack of key nutrients that are often lacking in the average Western diet. With the right understanding of the science and some strict discipline, you can have the physique you have been dreaming of, and you can be healthier than you ever believed you could be. There is absolutely no anecdotal evidence or broscience here. All my methods are backed by science, and I strive on furthering my knowledge each and every day so that others can benefit.

  • A focus on health and nutrition.
  • Scientific approach to health and bodybuilding with real world experience.

taeians methods

When it comes to optimizing one’s health and fitness, Taeian believes that you should focus on healthy eating, but while having an understanding as to what “healthy eating” truly means.

Healthy eating as defined by Taiean means that one places a strong emphasis on their micronutrient intake, as many do not realize that individual micronutrients are required for optimal muscle building and fat loss, not just health. Some micronutrients have the power to do amazing things like preventing the shutdown of your metabolism when dieting and building muscle in a linear dose response fashion regardless of the calories or macronutrient ratios consumed. Even just one nutrient deficiency can create a suboptimal muscle building or fat burning state.

Many nutrients have a large impact on bodybuilding such as Vitamin A (an often deficient vitamin) plays a large role in protein synthesis and testosterone production. One study showed it was equal to testosterone use in young boys for growth and puberty.

Another micronutrient often over looked which is required for health and bodybuilding is potassium. Potassium has a direct role in,
facilitating the storage of glycogen in your muscles,
aiding insulin production and improving insulin sensitivity,
improving fat loss by sensitizing the cells to thyroid hormone so your thyroid hormones can actually do their job.

Taeian emphasizes focusing on your intake of Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA’s). Having an adequate amount specifically of PUFA’s have been shown to build muscle, prevent fat gain, improve digestion, regulate hormones and improve the quality of ones skin (PUFA’s, specifically Omega 6 fats such as Linoeic Acid make up the majority of your epidermis).

Studies show that a diet rich in PUFA leads to almost exclusively muscle gain with very little fat gain during a caloric surplus as opposed to a diet rich in Saturated fat causing almost entirely fat gain and little muscle gain. PUFA’s have also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity while saturated fats decreased it.

While not a fat, Cholesterol is related to fat in that both are typically found together. Cholesterol is often an overlooked compound yet studies have shown that men who ate the most cholesterol had a linear increase in muscle mass when calories and macronutrients were equated for.

Taeian also believes in tailoring the diet in a way that works to improve your digestion. Taeian believes this can be accomplished by avoiding specific foods that have the ability to damage your gut lining and impair nutrient uptake. If your digestion is negatively impacted, your ability to repair and grow muscle and your ability to burn fat is hindered.

Even transitioning from eating a standard American diet to a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole foods can cause problems in people who initially had decent gut, skin and sleep only to become worse once they start a so called healthy diet.

Such issues can arise when people switch to a “healthy diet” due to hidden sensitivities which develop upon the introduction of foods that were normally not eaten before at all or eaten in high quantities. The issues can arise from various sensitivities such as through a salicylate sensitivity or a histamine sensitivity (which may be ameliorated by consuming adequate copper). Both of which can cause stomach bloating, digestive upset, constipation or the opposite of rapid bowel transit. These are just two examples of hidden sensitivities someone might have that when they go to eating healthy and foods rich in these compounds.

Dairy products have been shown to have the effect of slowing intestinal motility effect due to dairy protein (not the lactose as often believed although it may contribute) Opioid receptor binding foods such as white rice can be problematic as well.

Taeian’s methods also focus on longevity and overall health focusing on science to highlight how vitamin and mineral deficiencies and certain food’s can cause a variety of health issues such as;

Lack of Vitamin b1 lead to low concentrations of stomach acid and contribution to constipation.

Lack of adequate potassium leading to reduced insulin secretion, igf-1 production, and intestinal motility and consequently constipation.

The link between trans fats, gluten and dairy being shown to lower the D6D enzyme in our bodies which is required for converting lineoic acid into gamma linoeic acid which is needed for proper skin health, prevention of hairloss, stimulation of hair growth and preventing aging.

Taeian has also been instrumental in helping many clients with a variety of health issues, leading those who sought his help fully into remission and becoming symptom free.

Taeian has helped clients;
Reverse multiple auto immune diseases fully into remission with zero detectable antibodies or symptoms.

Reverse thyroid Hashimoto cases.

Reverse Crohn’’s disease and colitis.

A case of central serous retinopathy fully cured.

Reduce acne.

Reduce hypertension and remove clients fully off medications.

Reverse IBS cases making the client 100 percent symptom free all via dietary aid.

Fix hormone disorders such as hypogonadism.

Aided in fully restoring hair in multiple male pattern baldness cases.

Taeian also has a large focus on supplements, herbal and synthetic. Not only this, but Taeian sheds light on supplements others often regard as healthy may not actually be the case. For instance, such as probiotics are generally regarded as safe and healthy for everyone. Yet studies have shown too much lacti bacteria can cause acidosis in people leading to negative consequences such as a decline in one’s mood, digestive upset, constipation, etc.

Taeian believes that certain supplements can have positive outcomes such as with,
Curcumin: Can aid intestinal issues by increasing bile flow (this is good for oral steroid users or users of the steroid trenbolone)

Taeian’s approaches also focus on preventing steroid related side effects for bodybuilders. Such as the most common cosmetic sides including hair loss, gynecomastia, bloating and acne. Not only this, but the internal sides such as kidney damage, heart disease, heart hypertrophy, liver damage and even brain cell destruction. With Taeian’s methods, many of these side effects can be not just partially, but fully avoided.

Hairloss can be avoided by choosing the right androgens or by natural methods of direct topical use and oral consumption of specific items. Drugs such as finasteride are not needed for this purpose.

Rather than using aromatase inhibitors to block estrogen formation, Taeian would rather focus on natural methods and safer androgens to avoid using more drugs which ultimately create more problems. Many are not aware that the use of aromatase inhibitors during a cycle which can hinder muscle growth, halt fatloss, cause insulin resistance, harm bone and heart health and even cause hair loss.

Heart disease and hypertrophy of cardiac tissue caused by steroids increased calcium uptake and cellular calcium concretions can also be lessened via many natural supplements that help direct calcium where it belongs, while also breaking down excess calcium in the arteries.

Proper fat loss can be achieved by ensuring that one consumes an optimal amount of micronutrients during a diet phase. Micronutrients such as phosphorus has been shown in studies to fully prevent the metabolism shut down on a calorie deficit by preventing the decreased T4 to T3 conversion.

  • Optimal fat-loss methods from the right dietary methods.
  • Optimal muscle growth from the right training and dietary methods.
  • Ensure optimal health from proper diet and lifestyle choices.
  • Focus on micronutrients.
  • Focus on health.
  • Focus on nutrition.
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