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“Being both a physician and athlete, my main focus has always consisted of using the appropriate evidence based lifestyle interventions in order to help myself and my patients achieve and maintain an Read More

optimized everyday life. Correcting nutritional imbalances or deficiencies, following a healthy diet, sticking with a daily exercise regimen and reconnecting with nature constitute some of the main principles i always relied on in order to achieve the aformentioned goal. One of my greatest passions is helping others and sharing my knowledge. Encountering Taeian Clark some time ago was one of the best things that could have happened to me and my career as a physician. Taeian is very knowledgeable and definitely one of the most educated persons i have ever met. He has spent many years building a solid and unique evidence based health and training approach advising individuals on how to successfully achieve their goals. Taeian’s skills render him capable of dealing virtually with any health related condition. Also, the training, dieting and supplementation principles he provides are highly effective with client’s results speaking for themselves. By sharing his vast knowledge and sheer experience he helped me further expand my personal and scientific background. Finally, by employing his sports nutrition optimization strategies i managed to dramatically improve my athletic performance and successfully fuel my body with the nutrients it needed to endure high intensity training. I am really grateful to have met Taeian and i recommend his advanced but also versatile services to anyone wishing to optimize any aspect of his everyday life.””

29 years old
DVM, MD, PhD candidate
200lbs, 5’8”, amateur lifter

Nikos Sakkas

“I have conversed with Taeian since 2002 on all things health and fitness related. He helped my father with his severe IBS and is a great source of information in general on things when it comes to nutrition,Read More

training and general health.”

IG: @iron_curtis

Aaron Curtis

“Taeian is not just an extremely knowledgeable guy but he is also very prompt and ready to help. Thanks to his advice I managed to look sharper and fuller. I am a Medic Pharmacologist and I always Read More

come to him for advice in nutrition and supplementation. Thank you for your support and help.”

Fabiano Giglio

“As a top level Strength Athlete and Coach I’ve had a lot of resources at my disposal. Simply put no one has delivered like Taeian has in dealing with my digestion issues. I’ve had ongoing bloating, dysbiosis, and lack of hunger issues that I have been working against trying to resolve for years. My weight has not moved even with aggressive approaches to trying to add mass. Read More

With Taeian not only have these issues been minimized significantly but my weight has finally started climbing rapidly. I am currently sitting at an all time high body weight at the leanest I’ve ever been when sitting over 270lbs. This has all been accomplished in a time that I have not been trying to push my weight up that hard. Not to mention its being done as I progress into my 40’s, while not competing anymore with reliance on TRT (ART actually) at less than my clinically prescribed dose.

It feels great to finally be adding some weight and size after stalling for years and being doing so feeling and living healthier.

Live Better Through Strength
Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin

“I stumbled across Taeian Clark and some of his articles following some research I was doing about six months ago. I was trying to find answers for my digestive issues, bloating, decreasing appetite I had been dealing with for about two years. These issues where gradually getting worse despite all the supplements and food changes and other “conventional” measures. Read More

I believe that all these years of following a fairly strict diet and eating foods that might not have agreed with me but where considered a must food to have and in conjunction with extreme depletions during competition time and no real break, it had negatively affected my digestion, appetite and sometimes enery levels.
The first thing that stood out to me from Taeians articles was everything was referenced and coming from a science and medical background and being a coach myself that meant a great deal. Subsequent to implementing some of Taeians theories I started to notice a definite improvement. It’s at this point I decided to contact Taeian and see what more can be done.
It’s apparent from the start that Taeian is a wealth of knowledge and will take the time to explain the “why” and the “how” or any question you might have. He is very approachable and humble and is very passionate for what he does. It’s been a real pleasure working with him the past month and always benefit from bouncing ideas of each other. I would have no hesitations in recommending him to anyone; my only regret is that I didn’t come across Taeian earlier.”

Harry Vlahos M.D
Doctor of Chinese Medicine
M.App.Sci (Acupuncture – Chinese Herbal Medicine)
Personal Trainer –Strengthening & Conditioning Coach
Principal Myotherapist
Exercise/Rehabilitation Specialist
255lbs On-stage
280 lbs Off-season

Harry Vlahos

Never have a met a person with such up to date knowledge revolving around health, fitness, bodybuilding, diet, and nutrition. Always provides up to date evidence with studies for what he preaches. He can help you reach any goal you desire whether it be improving overall health fitness getting leaner or adding muscle or simply just improving digestion. Read More

 Personally, he has helped me leaps and bounds improving my digestion and gaining muscle. I was always getting fat and losing fat never gaining any muscle in the process, he has gotten me fully to where I am today. Really is the best coach you can ask for.”

Alex Attard

Taeian has been at the center of my lifestyle change. I needed help. I hired him to coach me. I sent him a list of goals. Here is just a summary of what has transpired in the last few months. First we had to fix my digestion. My diet plan has changed many times. My exercise regiment has changed. My supplements have changed. Read More

 Gear I’m using changed (and he knows how to handle each one). My caloric intake has changed. My health has changed and more. We have had to make micro adjustments all along the way to get peak performance. Everyday has been different than the last. My entire protocol is custom tailored and made to fit my needs, daily life and goals. No cookie cutter here. When he felt it was time and my body was ready, we decided on a cycle to implement to achieve the goals I wanted. My most drastic changes (after we fixed my other issues) were within 6 weeks during my cycle. He answers questions at 3 am in the morning. He talks to you daily 24/7 access. We have had to make immediate adjustments along the way. He’s addressed all my concerns. Never been pushy. Never pissed. Never feel like I’m being annoying. Always has the answers that I need. I’ve had other coaches that only give you 2 emails a week. Not Taeian, All access. I signed up for another 6 months before his prices reflected the value of his service. Not sure I could actuality put a dollar figure on what we’ve accomplished already.”

Abe Cavil

“I’ve talked with Taeian since 2015. When I first spoke with him I had multiple health issues. Hashimotos hypothyroid, SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), Candida. I was always constipated and had gut pain after eating. Always extremely fatigued, feeling cold, and my digestion was very poor. Read More

I started following Taeian’s dietary and supplemental recommendations in 2015, and have been on his diet for 3 years straight now. My Hashimoto’s hypothyroid is now in remission as my antibody blood tests are all in range now for the first time in my life. This was without any auto-immune drugs only natural methods. I’m no longer constipated unless I eat a food that slows down my bowels like bananas.

I have also suffered from hair loss since I was 18 years old. After starting Taeian’s diet, my hairloss stopped. I implemented suggestions he has specifically for hair regrowth, and my hair thickened up again and my hairline improved substantially. Which I didn’t think was possible without the usual suggestion of Finasteride you read about online. I wasn’t willing to risk my health taking a drug to improve my hairline, so doing it naturally was the only option for me.

On the bodybuilding side- Last year Taeian coached me. I put on 50lbs in 6 weeks. From 145-195. I had lost all of my size due to a motorcycle accident prior. I had been around 175, so while there was some muscle
memory at play I still went 20lbs over my original weight. This was with working around various injuries I had, namely a torn labrum in my left shoulder.

My life has improved greatly since speaking with Taeian over the years and following his advice to the letter.

Thank you Taeian for all your help.”

Raimund Christensen

I met Taeian in 2014 on a facebook bodybuilding group, at the time I was around 190 lbs 18 years old, felt like I was stuck, unable to gain weight or make any more progress. I was also battling IBS and some digestion issues (SIBO). Read More
Taeian advised me to stop consuming dairy products, this was one of the biggest game-changers for me, our government, as well as all kinds of doctors and nutritionists, preach that we need dairy and its so good for us. How could this be that the very protein powder that was marketed to me to make gains had been stealing my gains the whole time. As a teenager, I grew up on a diet heavily revolved around dairy thinking that high in protein must mean good for making muscle gains, oh how wrong and misinformed I was. Being the open-minded skeptic that I am, I gave up dairy for a few months to see if I would notice any difference. I began to be able to feel hungry all the time, the dairy products had been slowing down my digestion and causing numerous other negative effects. From this one simple suggestion, I was back on track with my muscle gaining goals. I began to realize that Taeian knows what he is talking about, and he has helped me to gain 30 lbs and achieve my goal physique.

Jon Lowe

“Taeian’s methods seem very unorthodox when initially exposed to them, but after research and discussion I decided to put them to the test. Being ranked #2 in the world amongst current 220lb Read More

competitors in powerlifting, I have to consume an incredible amount of food to optimize my grueling training sessions and keep my body weight up while burning an incredible amount of calories. Using the camel methods of focusing on hydration, micro nutrient focus, and proper digestion focusing on particular foods, I feel as though I have done so unlike I’ve ever been able to before. I also feel my performance accelerate and my body composition become more favorable simply because of enhanced digestion. The nutrients are going to my MUSCLES and not just to my gi tract. I’m grateful to have worked with Taeian and look forward to seeing where his methods take me in the future!”

Insta: joesullivanpowerlifter

Joe Sullivan

“Taeian has helped me immensely.. in particular with food choices , gut health, micronutrients, exercise selection and posing. Not a drop of test or gh was used this prep”

Jake Miller

“Was really glad I saw Taeian in a youtube video talking about muscle building. I got in touch with him to talk about his claims on the video, but was surprised to know that he was also knowledgeable in Read More

reversing hair loss. During that time I have damaged my scalp through months of bad lifestyle and dieting, and it has hastened my genetic predisposition to getting fully bald. After reviewing many of his protocols, I decided to hire him mainly to regrow hair. The results speak for themselves.”

Jonathan Benoza

“Would like to say it’s been a great year living camel life style. Before getting guidance from Taeian I had went from fit to fat and was stuck there for 3 years. Since joining the group I have lowered my Read More

blood pressure after dropping the test. Lowered body fat after 3 years of not being able to after dropping test and implementation of the camel diet and supplement protocol. I will say it took a while to go full camel diet but since doing so my gut health is way better and quality of life has went up. I actually didn’t understand that gut health was even a thing. Now I know and understand. Im so glad I took the chance and went against bro science. Thanks Taeian Clark and group.”

Raymond Jacobs

“Late last year around Christmas time I posted a question asking about diabetes and the best ways to combat it due to my father falling serveely Ill from it and slipping into a mini coma for 3 days due to a lack of care from his partner I had Read More

Taeian contact me personally through Facebook messages getting enough details from me as possible in regards to my dad’s condition, from there he advised several safe and easy supplements and an exercise program for my father to help speed up his recovery and Holt the use of insulin
from there over the course of several days Mr Clark contacted me asking for updates on my dad’s condition and how his blood glucose was traveling Over the course of a month my dad’s blood sugars levels dropped enough to not need the use of insulin or Metformin Since following taeians advice and protacals my father’s general health and well being has improved greatly He has lost a large amount of body fat and body weight(32kgs) I can honestly and happly say without his help my dad would have been on insulin the rest of his life and would not be anywhere near as healthy and happy as he is now Thanks to taeian I didn’t lose my best friend
I’ll always be greatful to him for what he has given me and my family”

Rory Carter

“I was always a logical and scienced minded person when it came to my approach to training and nutrition.
Growing up as a type 1 diabetic there are a few obstacles to overcome in achieving a respectable physique and strength. Read More

I had come to a very stagnant point in training and nutrition.
I was then drawn to taiean as all his i gormation sounded outlandish at first however backed all his claims with proven studies and actual clients results.
Following his principles losely ive managed to reduce many of the minor complications that are involved in the lifestyle.
Force feeding, bloating, energy/lethargy and poor skin to name a few.
Since doing so ive managed to create a great balance between my physiological, mental and physical health.
I have nothing but thanks for taeians advice for helping me create a better physique while managing my diabetes perfectly, feeling and looking healthier at the same time.”

26 years old
5 years lifting experience.
200lbs, 5’4”, amateur lifter

Dane Wilmott

“Couple weeks ago I asked for help regarding high blood pressure in a facebook group of Taeian Clark. I took all the good advice that people gave me. Taeian went out of his way to review my diet, and he suggested me to supplement Read More

Magnesium, and so I did. My blood pressure went from 155/92 to 130/90 in a week. During that period, I got blood work done to see how my overall health was. I’m glad to say that my blood work came outstanding good. My good and bad cholesterol were perfect, my HB1AC below 5 and even doing a right amount of magnesium, Himalayan salt and potassium from natural sources as tomatoes or spinach, all my electrolytes in blood and urine came in proper range.
My family doctor asked me to record my blood pressure, so I’m attaching the graphs of 5 reading x3 per day and the media of those readings during that period with a trend line. Readings were taken at The Cardiology Association Standard recommends, which is: Sit down and relax for 5 min, no legs crossed, no shoes and did your five reading plus an average of those reading.
I wanted to write this review because since I met Taeian I have been taking note of his health advice and my quality of life has improved exponentially in a very short period. As we speak, my blood pressure keeps dropping to a normal range. Today (125/75) on top of that, I have improved my quality of sleep and digestion notoriously.
I really suggest anybody have a talk with him, and keep an open mind, his knowledge on health topics is remarkable and straightforward tweaks here and there on your diet and food choices can potentially positively impact your life. No doctor in my life had taken the time to review my food choices. Instead, they all have rushed to prescribe medications with undesired side effects. Again Taeian Clark, what are you doing is changing peoples, and that is something to be proud of, I cannot thank you enough for your help.”

Gerardo Parra

“Late March 2018, I was diagnosed with retinal detachment, central serous chorioretinopathy on my right eye and was advised by the doctors to take a backseat from lifting also roids or lose my vision. Read More

Then Tushar again got me in contact with Taeian Clark and within an hour he got to the bottom of it. I did have elevated aldosterone and elevated corisol which led to the condition. We adjusted the sodium, potassium and magnesium levels and it worked like a charm. Sight is nearly recovered and i am also feeling much better and confident to go under the heavier loads once again,

Resumed my meet prep for the Asian WPC this July.

Thank you Taeian Clark for your time and advise. Appreciate it greatly.”

Mohammed Azmat

“I was introduced to Taeian in 2016 when I presented with a variety of bowel, parasympathetic and hair issues. He provided me with adequate treatment, utilizing – diet modifications and supplemental herbs and vitamins curing my phantom IBS, bowel incontinence and low testosterone. Read More

In proceeding months I had issues with hair-loss due to parasitic infections as well as genetic alopecia, to which surprisingly he provided me with topical and internal treatments, that now have garnered me a full head of hair as well. Taeian has worked wonders not only for me but also for my friends and family, curing them of a mass variety of maladies and returning them to higher levels hormonally and of satisfaction than ever before. After the variety of treatments I now am stronger than ever and have intense wakeful energy and amazing levels of happiness and satisfaction with my day to day physical and mental capabilities.”

Rohin Pathak

“Taeian Clark is a pure genius. I have had terrible Crohn’s Disease for over 19 years. With 3 lots of bowel surgery (including a colostomy & ileostomy). This year alone I have had 11 gastroscopies. Someone told me to talk to Taeian and I was skeptical as everyone has promised me (dieticians, naturapaths) that they can cure me.Read More

I had a colonoscopy recently “no active crohn’s disease found” for the first time ever. All I did was follow his diet. Some stuff you’ll question and ask yourself why? No I am not doing that. But listen to the man he is a pure genius. My parents were skeptical when I first told them about him and even my Gastrointeroligist (who is the head of the hospital) and he has said continue with the diet.

So I can’t thank you enough Taeian.”

Dean Kramersh

“In 2003 I began to notice blood in my stool about twice per week. Over the years the blood became more frequent and the constipation set in. By 2006 there was blood in my stool about 90% of the time. Read More

By 2008 any degree of regularity was gone. I’d have a BM between one and ten time per day oscillating between constipation and very loose stool almost always with blood. The problem became unbearable in early 2017. I contacted Taeian Clark with my issue, not really believing he could help me at that point. He had me tell him everything that i eat on a daily basis. Turns out I was causing 100% of the problem. He told me which foods to eliminate and which ones to add in. Within 2 weeks the problem was 90% gone. Now I’m good and regular as long as I stick to the approved foods or rather, avoid the offending foods. I am forever grateful for Mr. Clark’s time and advice.”

Tim El Puerco Justus

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