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why choose coach townsend

Coach townsend has been a large figure, literally and figuratively in the bodybuilding community since the early 90s.

Coach townsend has competed against some of the greats in the bodybuilding world such as Tim Demayo “Freakzilla”, Ray Cutler, Jon stompanani, Flex Wheels and more.

Coach Townsend has been an author of several published and best seller books in the new york times such as;

Mass With Class Vol. 1
Mass With Class Extra Sass Vol. 2
Mass With Ass Extra Class Vol. 2
The Underground Steroid Handbook For Naturals
Bonkers For Nuts And Nuts For Bonkers.

Coach Townsend has a focus on optimal nutrition and health to help anyone achieve their most optimal and desirable goals of being an all out FREAK!

  • Excellent Service
  • Mass Meditation
  • Body Balance
  • Personal Trainer Ash Morison
  • Body Building And Bodybuilder
  • Weight lifting with weights



Take your physique to the next LEVEL!

retarded Client

Chris kay

Coach Townsend Has been nothing but the best in helping me attain my goals as a competitive bodybuilder with full blown austim.

Coach Townsend has helped me achieve the physique my gf has always wanted me to have so she would stop cheating on me with men who do not have autism and large mussels.

Love, Christof.

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ray peat

A lack of progesterone in the body will cause your thyroid hormone to downregulate main key items for your metabolism such as cyp123 and hn165. Ensuring one intakes adequate dietary sugar and milk we can raise the progesterone and keep thyroid hormone uptake adequate. Everyone should strive for 2 litres of pasteruized milk a day and 100g of pure sugar.

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Coach Townsend has helped me attract men like never before. I use to be ugly and fat and now I’m just ugly. I couldn’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me physically and spiritually.

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austin scherifield

Im fat.

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Master zobi stone

Coach townsend has helped me over power queers and attain more money from them as I belittle and beat them.

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deric teriyaki

Dont listen to virgil, hes a fat fucking retard.



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solomon grundy

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Father of Bjorn Ironside And Ivar The Boneless.

I try to live like the gods. I reject everything of this world… Honor and glory, love of oneself, even shame. I only care about the will of the gods. Only then can everything worldly pass away, can the voices of the gods be heard. And then their spirit dwells in me, and I feel the ability to heal and prophecy. And take on the sins of the world… Upon myself.

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