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How to not become “skinny fat”

If your weight goes up or down, does it determine your physical development? Sure, but do you only care if the scale moves? Or, do you care that when that scale goes down, wherein mostly fat was lost and not muscle? And when the scale goes up, do you want it to be mainly muscle and little fat or a lot of fat and a little muscle?

Do Food Choices Matter?

This is where food choices matter. It may seem as simple as eat more to grow more or eat less to lose weight. When someone gives you a calorie total or macro total goal to attain, it is a sure-fire method to lead to sub-optimal results. If the majority of the fats are procured from specifically saturated fats as compared to PUFA fats, there is going vast difference in the body composition. PUFA fats provide 3-times more muscle mass gain than the other fats group. Also, PUFA fat also helps prevent abdominal and visceral fat gain and had more fat loss in total.
“Despite comparable weight gain after 49 days, this double-blind trial showed that overeating energy from polyunsaturated fatty acids prevented deposition of visceral and total fat compared with saturated fatty acids”.

“Further, the inhibitory effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids on ectopic fat was accompanied by an augmented increase in lean tissue and less total body fat deposition compared with saturated fatty acids. Thus, the type of fat in the diet seems to be a novel and important determinant of liver fat accumulation, fat distribution, and body composition during moderate weight gain.”

In conclusion, overeating SFAs promotes hepatic and visceral fat storage, whereas excess energy from PUFAs may instead promote lean tissue development in healthy humans.


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