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The Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake To End All Expensive Weight Gainers

Why are the majority of meal replacement or weight gainer shakes not good? Most of these shakes use dextrose or maltodextrin as a carb source. They are empty calories and lack nutrients. For example, glucose is similar in nature. Whenever a macronutrient like a carbohydrate is ingested, it requires specific micro nutrients to utilize/process it. Consider the case when one’s diet is nutrient void but high in empty calories. The disease Beriberi that was once prevalent among economically backward nations whose diets composed of mostly just rice. Since every gram of carbohydrate ingested requires B1 to be utilized, this leads to a B1 deficiency, Beriberi. B1 is required for the utilization of protein, carbs and fats. It also plays a vital role in excretion and also breaking down estrogen in the liver.

Potassium is required for storing glycogen and therefore aid in the utilization of all the ingested carbohydrates hence facilitating proper repair/growth. 17 mg potassium per every gram of carbohydrate ingested in order to hold that as glycogen. So, a 500 g carbohydrate diet would equate to 8500 mg of required potassium intake. The average man with the average weight on a 2000 calorie diet would require 4700 mg potassium alone based on the RDA. People who have tried and seen themselves how much of an impact it does when increasing micronutrients on their above average macronutrient/calorie diet, in terms of health and physique and also increased strength levels.

Described below is the meal replacement/weight gainer which can be customized in order to suit one’s requirements. However, it is always advised advise fresh foods for multiple reasons; chewing helps carb digestion which starts in the mouth via enzymes.

The Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake Recipe

For a heavier male athlete:

    • 100 g potato starch (83g carbohydrates, 1000 mg potassium)
    • 1-2 cup tomato juice (8-16 g carbohydrates, 500-1000 mg potassium) (carrot juice is another option)
    • 25 g protein from Pea protein powder

Studies showed more muscle thickness can be added in comparison to whey, and absolutely no bloat or digestive issues. Can also substitute the protein portion with beef jerky

    • 1-2 tablespoons beef gelatin, (9-18 g protein).

It has proven benefits on healing the digestive tract and it also aid in anxiety and sleep and metabolic function as well. Studies have indicated that 10 g of glycine is required per day. Gelatin also has the added benefit of increasing protein bioavailability of all other meats to 99%. For example, beef is increased from 80% to 99%. It is suggested to be taken with all meals.

  • 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds, raw unshelled.

PUFA fats are in abundance in sunflower seeds, showed x3 the muscle growth over saturated fats and helped prevent abdominal fat gain and visceral fat gain, unlike saturated fats.)

  • Salt (individual depending on your dietary intake already, 1/4th a teaspoon for most).

Total of 700 calories, 100 g carbohydrates, 53-60 g protein, 13 g fats and2000-2200 mg of potassium.

In a typical weight gainer shake, the carbohydrates to protein ratio cannot be altered. Also, they contain dextrose or waxy maize and negligible amounts of micronutrients. This meal replacement shake is economical in price as the main source, potato starch is cheap.

2 Replies to “The Ultimate Meal Replacement Shake To End All Expensive Weight Gainers”

  1. DoomTheGuy says: February 6, 2021 at 8:23 pm

    Hey bro here is the stuff I got for this gainer.


    I actually just mix in a bowl and eat with a spoon haha. I know that’s kinda weird but I’ve been eating powders for a long time as opposed to making them into a shake. I throw chickpeas in there and the taste and extra crunch is fine with me. I’ve ate it few times now and digested it fine.

    Couple questions I have, the potato starch, that’s basically kind of like eating raw potato right? Is that safe, I mean obviously you wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t but I just never heard of eating potato raw before. Also I looked up the beef gelatin and found the protein is basically collagen which has other benefits but not muscle building. But your saying it will basically boost the protein muscle building of the peas and everything else.

    And lastly I know you prefer unroasted seeds and mine are roasted…they that much worse? And are you saying to eat the shells as well?

    I can get my questions more direct and to the point in future posts haha. I tend to go off on rants, I know your busy. I’ve literally been reading all of your stuff thought, awesome information!

    1. Taeian Clark says: February 28, 2021 at 12:11 pm

      Ok so, the potato starch/flour is actually cooked, as it is heated and dehydrated. So its cooked at a lower temp for a much longer time period.

      However Get potato flour instead, starch is lacking the nutrients as its like white rice compared to whole brown rice, potato flour get!

      Gelatin, It does help muscle building. BUT, on its own its lacking the amino acids to build muscle yes. But when we get the muscle building aminos needed it simply enhances it and adds immense health benefits yes.

      Roasted pufa, I mean its not healthy… No way about it, will it build muscle yes, will it be inflammatory and unhealthy, yes.

      Post anytime!

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