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What people think eating healthy means Vs. what it really means.

Ever heard someone mention about how painstakingly difficult it is to stick to a clean diet or in other words, eating healthy? And they go on to say how unexciting is the combination of just chicken and rice or chicken and broccoli? More often than not, they fall off track with their diet plan and eventually end up feeling worse health wise.

The root to this problem in most likelihood is that they simply do not know how to cook their meals and utilize seasonings or spices.

Eating healthy does not equate to simply devouring chicken and rice. As a matter of fact, that is the unhealthiest diet you could eat. As a quick word of advice, I would tell people to avoid dairy and grains. As a result, the first thought that comes to their mind is chicken and rice. So, they just jump right into it since they have never prepared a decent meal in their lives besides making a bowl of cereal or sausages.

I recommend people to follow a more East Asian diet. Most Asian cultures happen to eat more than 100 different kinds of foods in a week! However, in the Western world, when people avoid dairy and glutinous items, they end up losing more than 90% of their food choices be it a Lasagne, a whopper sandwich, a Chinese takeaway, waffles, pancakes or a bowl of lovely past

a. They find it difficult to comprehend how a rich diet cannot involve the two food groups, dairy and most grains. But, in reality, these two food groups constitute a small fraction of the variety of food groups available.

A combination of meat and rice alone lacks a majority of B-vitamins needed for ensuring proper digestion. If this trend continues, your digestion will most likely get worse. Meat loses most of the B-vitamins during high temperature cooking, and rice is just a nutrient void food to begin with. A few examples of the nutrients you would be missing; the vitamin B3, niacin, is needed for production of cortisol and stomach acid. Potassium is also needed for production of cortisol and stomach acid to dig

est the food and to keep bowels moving with adequate water content. Potassium is also regulates the contraction of the intestines. Vitamin B5 is an important adrenal cortisol vitamin, which when deficient, contributes to poor digestion. Therefore, the conception of a healthy diet which people often have, are in reality however completely bereft of several nutrients.

Not only are meat and rice inflammatory but also possess thyroid suppressive effects as well as bad gut bacteria altering effects. In other words, both lower good bacteria in the gut and bad bacteria.

The healthiest cultures on this planet involve a diet like the picture above. Walk into an Asian buffet and you will find about 99% of the items are extremely healthy for you and very little is grain or dairy based, if at all.

Learn to cook soups, broths and stock up on dozens of spices seasonings and sauces and explore different cooking techniques. With all this, you can have one of the best tasting and healthiest diets you will ever have. That’s according to the best research out there on diets around the world, not my words.

You may be wondering why I do not like dairy or grains. If you read my other posts, you would see references to the studies from a Harvard published article which links dairy products contributing to 80% of the estrogen we ingest via diet. Among the other bad qualities, this happens to have the risk of being a severely carcinogenic food. Grains have been proven to cause gut damage (gut permeability) in humans, which is the cause of auto-immune diseases that the Western world is so full of today such as Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis and Rheumatic arthritis, to name a few.

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