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Taeians methods for ensuring the most optimal health for your body and fitness goals is done by practising a truly healthy that is rich in nutrients that many seem to have forgotten about and lack in most everyone’s diet today. And this isnt just a random statement but actually backed by studies that were done on sedentary people, amateur athletes and professional athletes!

These studies above showed that sedentary people, amateur and professional athletes did not hit 50 percent of their vitamin and mineral goals for almost 50 percent of the vitamin and minerals we need! And in my real-world experience with clients and my followers is that this has been beyond the truth, even in elite athletes that I coach. Seeing things such as half the RDA for potassium in professional athletes at around 1.5g to 2g when RDA depending on where you live is 3.7 to 4.5g a day for potassium. Things like this I have seen time and time again.

And if you have seen my post on the importance of a few specific nutrients you will know why I am very prominent on ensuring people hit their RDA goals of their micronutrients and above RDA values even.

And the reason for this is that we can take basically almost any nutrient in our diet that when it is low, leads to an increased cancer risk for just about every organ of the body. Some examples such as low vitamin B12 levels and stomach cancer, low vitamin B2 and colon cancers, low vitamin B1 and basically every cancer and the list goes on and on and on.

And then we have studied also showing that increasing specific vitamins and minerals decrease the cancer risk of basically every cancer. Be it b12 for prostate cancer, folate for prostate cancer again, B3 for skin cancer and so on and so on.

And the scary part is some of these vitamins are deficient in up to 80 percent of people! We hear all the time today about Vitamin D, or magnesium whatever mineral or supplement is trending right now. And yet nobody pushing for a focus on ensuring all vitamins and minerals are optimal for your whole body health.

And what’s worse is that people push synthetic vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet vs eating a proper healthy diet. And the reason this is worse, is due to the fact that synthetic vitamins DO NOT behave the same way as natural vitamins and minerals in our bodies as shown in studies. As example folic acid and B12 have been showing to INCREASE prostate cancer risk in men yet eating high amounts of B12 and folate via food DECREASES this risk in men.

And to top it off on why relying on synthetic vitamins and minerals is a horrible idea. Is that we take a single form vitamin or mineral we are throwing off several of other vitamins and minerals in our body. As our body needs a balance of every micronutrient we eat for optimal health. Take too much magnesium we deplete sodium and calcium. Take too much potassium we can deplete magnesium, calcium and sodium. Yet in the proper amount, it helps retention/absorption. All the B vitamins compete with each other in too high doses and many B vitamin products will have 1 B vitamin at say x2 the RDA dose and another at x10 the RDA dose!

So getting your micronutrients from synthetic vitamins I never suggest. At times when needed during a severe deficiency, it may come in hand, but that is it.

Using diet alone basically is what I have used to rid multiple clients of many health ailments such as multiple Crohns cases, colitis cases, Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, all autoimmune diseases into remission with ZERO antibodies. Endless clients and followers off BP medications within a week due to diet alone, hair loss, acne, an most every skin disease from seb-derm to eczema. And all done via focusing on proper nutrition for health.

Bodybuilders/Fitness athletes;
Those who use performance-enhancing drugs also should have a large focus on their health with proper diet and natural supplements. Many men today worsen their health while using performance-enhancing anabolics further by taking the WRONG kind of supplements. One such example is vitamin D. This item I see time and time again taken and suggested by bodybuilders using anabolic steroids not knowing that unless they have tested deficient they are doing their body extremely more harm than good. With steroids already leading to increased risk of heart disease via increased calcium uptake. Mega dosing Vitamin D further increases calcium uptake, with a diet already low in its counter nutrients such as Vitamin A, magnesium, k2 and more. We are severely increasing our risk of heart disease even further with a low nutrient status of specific nutrients and pushing the wrong nutrients up further when possibly not needed and enhancing it with drugs. As heart disease is an issue of excessive calcium in the blood hardening the arteries and it has nowhere to go and not able to be broken down.

This issue above is also an issue for the everyday average person. As our foods are highly forfeited with extra calcium and vitamin D and little magnesium and K2 due to the way we farm today and why heart disease is the number 1 killer in most countries.

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