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taeians methods for optimal nutrition

TAEIANS food and nutritional guide

Taeians methods for optimal nutrition and its importance.

My focus on optimal nutrition is much more in-depth than what most would see elsewhere. I don’t believe in focusing on just macronutrients or just eating “healthy”. The reason for this is the term healthy foods or healthy eating is vastly different to everyone. And most every time, their healthy eating isn’t really that healthy. As to most healthy eating involves basically not eating junk food like take out, or a lot of junk food. And having a staple diet of chicken and rice and a veggie here and there.

The issue with this is that one ends up severely lacking many micronutrients that are important to not just fitness/bodybuilding goals, (muscle growth and fat-loss) but also to your overall health.

I have written in depths in some of my other articles, such as my IIFYM (If it fits your macros) article and specific micronutrient articles like phosphorus and potassium, as just a few examples as to why the typical diet is very poor for bodybuilding/fitness and for health.

The reason most peoples diet ends up being poor for health and fitness is due to a severe lack of micronutrients and food choices. A diet even if one thinks they are eating great and healthy such as chicken and rice, end up lacking a severe amount of micronutrients needed for optimal muscle building, fat-loss and health, and a poor fatty acid profile.

Micronutrients like potassium are needed for proper IGF-1 production, proper insulin production which is the gatekeeper to muscle growth, proper glycogen storage so muscles can focus on repairing tissue not restoring glycogen, better strength and more. Nutrients like phosphorous which when people were fed extra phosphorus in their diet and not changing their macronutrients or calories, saw an increased fat-loss effect and a metabolism that didn’t shut down compared to the control group who ate the same but without extra phosphorus. Or studies on phosphorus which show increased muscle growth without changing calories or macronutrients due to increased protein utilization.

Then there’s fat choices, many studies showing the benefits of your food choices even when your macronutrients are the same but just different food items. Such as PUFA fats overfed to patients say a weight gain that was entirely muscle basically vs saturated fat intake group saw a weight gain of almost entirely fat yet the same total weight gain.

All of these differences can be made by selecting better food choices in your diet. Choices that would change if during a bulk you are going to gain mostly muscle or mostly fat. Or during a cut, if you are going to lose more muscle and less fat. Or lose more fat and keep your muscle.

And then on the health side, we have an immense amount of data showing how just about every single micronutrient when low in your diet leads to just about every single cancer increase risk, and when restored that cancer risk decreases. Majority of health ailments can be traced back to poor nutrient intake, low b1 and low stomach acid, low testosterone and low vitamin A, high blood pressure and low magnesium and potassium, and even very serious issues that are deemed untreatable such as serious central retinopathy which I’ve treated successfully by restoring someone’s mineral imbalance, which doctors had told them there is nothing you can do but accept you are going to lose your vision. Truly most health ailments many find are due to improper nutrition status.

All of this is why I never suggest macro plans or calorie plans to anyone but always FOOD plans of very specific foods to hit the goals of their bodies micronutrient needs of vitamins and minerals for optimal muscle growth, fat loss and overall health for the majority of the typical mysterious health ailments we see today.

food choices matter. Healthy eating might not be what you think it is. And why studies on amateur and professional athletes basically had no better micronutrient intake than sedentary people with half their vitamins and minerals not meeting near 50 percent of their RDA needs.

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